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Titus Winterstein, Sodarock Music

Let's face it, working in the music industry is very intense. Especially for the artist and the team around them. It's important to maintain a healthy work environment, especially mentally. Sam understands the stresses both the artist and manager encounter and helps navigate through a high demanding but healthy career.

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Estelle Wilkinson, Artist Manager

I’ve known Sam for 20 years, she’s an amazingly wise woman and as a former manager herself, understands only too well the complexities of what managers face and brings that wisdom to her work.


It’s great to see that the MMF Mental Health Guide has been updated, it’s a very useful resource I would encourage any manager to read, many I’m sure wouldn’t know they were suffering from a level of anxiety or depression themselves until reading through the list of symptoms.  It gives vital information on not only how to help yourself but others too and after this last year we could all do with looking out for each other just a little more.


Paul Worsley, YMU

Sam is a huge resource for anyone in need of swift and pragmatic solutions to all manner of mental health and well-being issues.  She has a great team and deeply cares about her clients welfare.  I would highly recommend Sam's services.

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Olly Alexander

“ I count myself extremely lucky to have management that always put my mental health first. I know first-hand that being an artist can take a toll on your mental health, just like any profession, and over the years I’ve spent in the industry the support from my team has been invaluable. Everybody’s needs are different but I’m so happy to see these measures are being implemented and strongly believe other management companies need to follow this example.”

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Martha Kinn, YM&U

“Our approach is a holistic one and this service is something we’ve been thinking about for quite some time. The life of an artist puts pressure on mental and physical health in ways that are impossible to overstate. This new service felt like a logical progression of our management services. We have no problem investing in digital or brand departments, yet there remains a stigma around talking about – let alone spending money on – the mental well-being of our clients. It’s great that the cultural conversation around mental health is growing but this is not enough: as an industry, we need to take progressive action. We as managers are the ones best placed to make that difference. It starts with us.”

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Nathan Barley Phillips, Nuclear Blast - A&R

I would recommend Sam’s services in a heartbeat, especially if you’re working in the music industry. With so many of us managing our artists’ expectations through the commercialisation of their art, it has been invaluable to understand how to better manage the emotional and psychological dynamics of those relationships. The course that Sam provided offered practical support and great advice, for both the positive mental health of our artists and for the wellbeing of our own staff.”

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Ellie Fitzgerald

Parker consulting delivered a masterclass for us at ACM for our mental health week.

ACM is committed to fostering a safe environment with our students wellbeing at the core of our values. It is important that ACM students are supported academically, professionally and personally throughout their studies. Sam's masterclass focused both on techniques and strategy based on real life industry experience of coping with anxiety and stress resulting in a fantastic masterclass for our students. The vibe she created made for an incredibly interactive and positive experience for everyone involved and we can't wait until the next one.

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Tim Vigon, Manager

I’ve known Sam Parker for over two decades now, since she was an excellent artist manager in her own right and now as a true advocate and resource for artists and others in the entertainment industry and beyond who suffer with mental health and addiction issues. Her experience dealing with creatives and the rollercoaster nature of their careers and understanding the temptations and pitfalls that lay ahead and behind is priceless, as is her empathy and support. Having a specialist counsellor out there that can relate and ‘gets it’ is reassuring and essential. 

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Moss Kenna, Artist

Being a recording Artist can be an isolating existence, before I met Sam I felt completely unseen and unheard. Quite simply Sam helped me save my own life. I came to her broken, frightened and addicted. She showed me how to find peace in my broken pieces and gave me the tools and the language to reconnect with who I am and a safe space to grow without fear or judgement. The work Sam does is powerful and one day at a time I am able to live and create again.