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Back to School...

So, I've neglected my News page of late, as I have been engrossed in one of the most stressful events in my life - building work. Yes, everyone told me it would cost twice as much and take twice as long, but my hubris told me that it MAY well happen to you mate, but not to this daughter of a tradesman. I've got this down, I speak the lingo, I'm SMART, I used to manage Razorlight ffs.

But then, of course, it all went wrong and well, it turns out it did cost twice as much and indeed it did take twice as long and as an added bonus I developed psoriasis. Nice.

However, despite this, my genuine love for my work took me to some places this summer meeting a superb bunch of people.

In May, The Academy Of Contemporary Music invited me to deliver a mental health and well-being workshop to a group of their students, including a session on what it is to be performer in a world where one needs to delivery authenticity and a strong sense of self as an artist AND cope with the fact that it's a massively vulnerable place to put yourself. but I did read with interest an interview with Taylor Swift in the Guardian last weekend, whereby it looks like after some massive clangers (she readily admits) she may have cracked it.

Also in May, I delivered two artist management and mental health workshops for YMU Music.

June bought me to Carnaby Street's Soho Music Month for a panel discussion on mental health in the creative space and in August I delivered a mental health workshop to The Event Safety Shop in the touring and live production space. Using Lucy Heyman's research about what it is specifically about touring that can deeply affect a musician, artist or crews mental health and what to do to prevent total wipeout.

That's it for now, very exciting news coming up for the Autumn, watch this space.


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