Mental Health & Well-being Annual Package


A new and bold approach to mental health in the creative workplace, this service enables a management company to:

  • Fully embrace its commitment to the ethical duty of care to its artists

  • Adhere to the Music Manager Forum's code of conduct*

  • Enhance a sense of ‘community’ and support, which research in neuroscience has shown fosters a sense of well-being in of itself

  • Provide the business with the well-documented benefits associated with a happy workforce.

The monthly service package comprises of:

  • At your office or Zoom 6 x 50 minute counselling sessions for managers and staff with referrals and signposting, where appropriate, to experts and specialists in the field of mental health and addiction.  For example psychotherapists/psychiatrists/addiction treatment centers.

  • Psycho-educational Group Sessions – Looking at and expanding upon topics referred to in the new MMF Manager’s Guide To Mental Health 2021.  For example addiction, alcoholism, imposter syndrome and what do good boundaries look like?

  • Artists assessment sessions - 90 mins with referrals and signposting, where appropriate, to experts and specialists in the field of mental health and addiction.

      For example - psychotherapists/psychiatrists/addiction treatment centers

bespoke Packages range from £250 per month

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*MMF Code of Conduct:

Make reasonable efforts to address any issues around mental health and wellbeing (including issues such as substance abuse) for both the artist they represent and themselves, signposting appropriate support resources where necessary; 

“A good modern music manager protects their client’s emotional, mental and physical state just as passionately as their business interests. It’s a role that can make all the difference for artists who may be struggling with the demands of stardom, along with any other mental health challenges they harbour.”  MMF

The Guardian, 2016

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Martha Kinn, YM&U

Manager to Years & Years and MNEK

“ The life of an artist puts pressure on mental and physical health in ways that are impossible to overstate. This new service felt like a logical progression of our management services. We have no problem investing in digital or brand departments, yet there remains a stigma around talking about – let alone spending money on – the mental well-being of our clients.